Hookah accessories

Custom your hookah with various accessories, especially made for all Tsar Hookahs and available in many colors.

chicha tsar nitro nx custom

More accessories for your Tsar Hookah

All these products are manufactured by Tsar. There is no limit to extend your hookah experience. Lights,  mouthpieces, bowls etc.. Because this is a passion, we design our accessories with passion!

plaque allume charbon tsar

Coal heater

manche tsar molotov x verre

Glass mouthpiece

foyer tsar x hc gold edition

Tsar x HC Gold Edition bowl

base en bois tsar

Wood led base

tuyau chicha tsar finger

Finger mouthpiece

foyer tsar phunnel clip

Phunnel clips bowl

manche tsar carbone

Carbone mouthpiece

foyer tsar x HC Black Edition

Tsar x HC Black Edition bowl

Pince à charbon Tsar x Moze

Tsar x Moze hookah hole puncher

manche tsar custom aluminium

Custom aluminium mouthpiece

mini plaque allume charbon tsar

Mini coal heater

manche tsar custom carbone

Custom carbone mouthpiece

foyer tsar x solaris

Tsar x Solaris bowl

base en bois tsar x irokos wood ocean

Tsar x Irokos wood ocean base

accessoires manches tsar custom

Custom mouthpiece accessories

tube pour manche custom tsar

Custom tube for mouthpiece

tsar water coloring agent 50 ml

Water coloring agent – 50 ml

manche tsar stainless heavy

Stainless Heavy mouthpiece

Base Tsar x Irokos

Tsar x Irokos slate base

manche tsar carbone premium

Premium carbone mouthpiece

tsar water coloring agent 10 ml

Water coloring agent – 10 ml

tuyau silicone sans manche tsar

Silicone hose